When does the contest start and end?
– EcoContest2017 contest has begun. You may post your photo or video at any time between now and October 5, 2017. Winners will be selected and notified on a weekly basis starting June 23, ending Oct 6 this year.

What is the purpose of this event?
The purpose of EcoContest is one part social community, one part having fun, one part holistic. EcoContest welcomes both groups to participate – those of you who are aware or unaware of how the environment has been negatively impacted by we people on a daily basis. The event rewards you with eco-friendly products from environmentally conscientious companies.

Is EcoContest a nonprofit organization? Is it a profit seeking company?
EcoContest does not generate any monetary profit from the event. It is neither registered as a nonprofit organization nor affiliated with any sponsors that offer prizes. The founders of EcoContest are not interested in seeking donations to help heal the earth. Instead, we aim at making EcoContest a win-win event, which would benefit both the people, companies, and most of all, the environment. We hope to connect more people like you with more eco-friendly oriented companies in the future.

I am feeling depressed and helpless witnessing how we are increasingly damaging the environment. How can you help me feel better?
You have the power to heal your surroundings and the environment, first by doing the small things right. See what others are doing to heal the earth, and share with them what you are doing. You will feel encouraged, you will feel hopeful and empowered.

I am new to this “save the environment” thing. I don’t know what my photos or videos should be about.
You are not alone. πŸ™‚ We recommend that you google #ecocontest2016 or #ecocontest for ideas. There you will see plenty of photos from the previous EcoContest run. Or you can watch the lyric music video from the HOME page, it gives you various topics of environmental issues.

Who can enter EcoContest, who can participate in the event?
Any legal US resident 18 or older can participate. Sorry, for the time being you guys in Canada and Mexico or elsewhere cannot enter. Don’t blame EcoContest, blame the law instead.

Is GREENSTAR BIKE delivered to the winner assembled?
GREENSTAR BIKEs are shipped directly from its headquarter in MN unassembled. This is per generic delivery practice for all types of bicycles on the market, that is, a box holding all parts is delivered to your home. The unit shall be assembled by professional / certified bike shop personnel nearby your place. Assembly cost / fee will not be paid by EcoCoontest or the sponsor.

Are there other requirements beside posting my photo or video on my Instagram or Twitter account to be eligible to win a prize? What’s the catch?
There is no catch. All you need to do is post your photo or video per the instructions describing what you are doing to help heal the environment / earth.

What are the prizes?
2017 EcoContest campaign offers 100% plastic free bottles (water / milk etc) with silicon lids from Pura Stainless, bamboo frame made GreenStar Bike, and premium paper straws from AARDVARK. More sponsors may join in.

How do I know that I have been selected as winner?
We will send you a message to your photo on instagram or twitter. What about the shipping cost of the prizes? What about sales tax or gift tax? No shipping cost, no taxes. The sponsors will cover the shipping cost. You just enjoy the reward and spread the word.

What were the prizes in the past EcoContest campaigns?
The inaugural EcoContest campaign in 2016 offered a hybrid vehicle, and EcoloBlue atmospheric water generators. More participation from people will lead to more prizes as more sponsors will offer more prizes.

I have won prizes from the past EcoContest events. Can I enter again?

How do I enhance the chance of becoming the winner of prizes?
Although we welcome creativity, we encourage you to show practical ways of saving the earth. Foremost, play it safe. Simple ideas with practicality are welcome. Be natural. Just share with us what you are doing to save the earth in a normal setting. Again, avoid putting yourself in danger. Being creative means finding ways to save the earth in practical manner that are easy to follow by others. Being creative does not mean you risk of getting injured when taking photos or videos. Play it safe. BTW No vulgar or sexually explicit images needed, and no bullying! You know what I mean!

Why do I have to follow EcoContest on instagram or twitter in order to enter the contest? This annoys me.
It is our goal here at EcoContest to inform and make more people aware of the importance of saving the environment / earth. In the future, we want to invite and reward more people and more eco-friendly oriented sponsors. Having larger number of followers will help us accomplish these goals.

Why do I have to tag @ecocontest or @eco_contest to be eligible?
Please see the answer to the previous question. More visibility to EcoContest will help attract more people and more eco-friendly oriented sponsors for the future events.

Why the hashtag #ecocontest or #eco_contest?
So we can find your wonderful photos and reward you with prize(s). πŸ™‚ Does having more “likes” on my photo enhance my chance of winning prizes? No. Users are simply encouraged to share their photo with friends and family to help gain more exposure to your photo(s) while spreading a positive message.

Can photos or videos be selfie?
The photos or videos can be selfie or not, but must show what you are doing each day to help heal the earth.

I am really shy. Can I just write something on a cardboard and take a picture?
Yes, but wouldn’t it be more fun to show more on what you are doing to heal the earth? πŸ™‚

How do you verify my age?
If you are selected as a winner, we will be asking for a formal proof showing your age at the time of the photo submission.

Can I post more than one photo or video?
Yes, you may post as many photos or videos as you would like.

Can the photo or video include more than one individual?
Yes, but the prize winners will be selected via their respective profiles. Prizes are not eligible to be passed off or given to another profile / user.

I live outside the states. Can I still enter?
You are welcome to share your photos, but you are not eligible to win any prizes if you are not a legal resident of the United States. Sorry, the legality of it all makes it complicated to host the event beyond the US.

I live in the US but I am not a citizen or permanent resident of the US. Can I still enter the contest?
You are welcome to share your photos with us, but one has to be a legal citizen or permanent resident of the US to be eligible to claim winning prizes.

I have a question, that was not answered on this list…
Feel free to send us a message via the website contact form by clicking HERE